Strategic Marketing : O2O integration

August 17, 2016

In one example, eight cooked be fired electric commercial language O2O (Online to Offline). Playing from 2011 to the present, the line is almost known to everybody, but really, until the past few years through the mobile payment network 4G and slowly reached the realm of integration of the actual situation.

How to use FB Marketing

July 24, 2016
Introduction of innovative enterprise dedicated community platform for industry experts and business owners directly online exchange of experience, the platform on the road so far has led to 300 business opportunities, according to statistics, business owners are most concerned about the question of "how to use Facebook marketing.

“Buyer’s market” Forced upgrade services competitive

July 6, 2016
China's tourism industry has not yet entered pure "buyer's market" is still in the "seller" to "buyer's market" transitional stage, really want to meet consumer demand is still a long way to go.

Caught it the card game

June 24, 2016
Description:Memory cards by guessing the order of playing cards.
steps:1) Before starting the game, you need to press the press the contents

Brand apparel industry competition analysis

June 23, 2016
UNIQLO Japan to provide high-quality, low-price leisure brand claiming (Note 1), but in the past two years, the price hike seems to make consumers feel the brand is no longer cheap. Declared (Note 2) When recently Yanai, chairman of the company is held a press conference in Tokyo, for a way to reduce pricing in order to reduce the frequency of promotional activities, and Taiwan will follow. 

Recruitment and management of Marketing

January 13, 2016
Marketing management, recruitment and training of the company's sales and marketing functions require you to put some of your most important personnel decisions.

Push message advertisement

November 20, 2015
Push advertising is a notification bar to send advertising through new technology, its principles and techniques with Banner advertising like article, not the same place just goes to show, not like embedded banner across the internal applications.

Announce innovative selling technique

October 23, 2015

As for the content of the performance, operations write their own, or spend money to hire someone to help write are small;Channels? Which channels are suitable, and effective? All channels have to publicity? Or around one or several channels of excellence will be useful - superior podcast hosting.

October 23, 2015

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